About Moviemiento

A pittoresque village in the Italian Alps, the Parque Güell in Barcelona, an old industrial building in Riga: Since 2003, Moviemiento has traveled beautiful and interesting places all over the world. Our mission: To bring short films to the people and sometimes even to places where cinema is a foreign idea.

We organize cultural events worldwide, which are carried out in cooperation with international partners. All events are free of charge and take place in open air public places. We travel with our screen by bus, by sailing ship or by bike, and we exist thanks to the involvement and combined effort of people from different countries with different professional backgrounds.

About the event

Now, Moviemiento celebrate its birthday – 10 Years on the Road – from June 14-16, 2013. We invite you, the new and old faces that make up our friends and family, to Moviemiento Summer Sessions 2013 – creative communities and moving ideas.

Together we will build  a 3 day Festival in our hometown: Berlin

Expect a grand screening, beguiling performances of all shapes and sizes, hedonistic dance-offs, visual displays of creativity and affection, and an all around memorable-in-the-best-kind-of-way good time.

The over-arching themes of the event are:

Community – We refer to both our communities, the public with whom we share projects, and the networks we build and grow.

Mobility – This is the way Moviemiento functions. Physically moving around the world, promoting mobility, forming concepts and transforming them into projects which continually evolve.

Ideas – Our dreams pass to others and inspire passion for arts and actions, both in the public, and within ourselves.

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