Posted on Jun 10, 2013

We chose „freedom” as the topic of our 2013 10th anniversary short film
programme. In many ways, the idea of Moviemiento has to do with freedom –
the freedom to travel, taking advantage of the freedom to use public spaces,
and – perhaps more than anything – the feeling of freedom that comes along
with working together on something we enjoy. The short films – documentary,
fiction, and animation – show different aspects of how freedom can be lived
politically, socially, and personally.

Complete Film Programme and descriptions:

1. Fragments of Time
Dir.: Daniele Manoli
2 min 7

Freedom is… going wherever your mind or heart wants to take you.

2. Café regular, Cairo
Dir.:Ritesh Barta
Egypt, 11 min

Freedom is…breaking taboos and shaping your life as you wish. Café
Regular, Cairo, explores the empowerment of women and the public face of a
relationship in all its complexities and subtlety through an encounter in a
café in Cairo.

3. Stanley Pickle,
Dir.: Orhan Boztas
UK, 11 min 20
Freedom is…letting go. Stanley Pickle is a short film about a young boy
losing his parents and his very special way to say goodbye.

4. Asad
Dir.: Brayn Buckley
South Africa/ USA, 18 min

Freedom is…keeping your dignity in times of war. Asad provides a glimpse
of life in the devastated country of Somalia, and an illustration of the
compassion and human dignity that often rather miraculously survive the
onslaughts of political and social upheaval.

Break – 15min

5. La Tama
Dir.:Martín Costa
Spain, 21 min 10
Freedom is…breaking away from home and society when you are young. La Tama
is a short movie about a rebellious young woman who is sick of constant
fighting with her mother and ends up in a home for troubled teenagers.
Meanwhile she violenty crosses her own boundaries and the rules of society.

6. The Centrifuge Brain project
Dir.: Till Nowak
Germany, 6 min 35
Freedom is… being a visionary. The Centrifuge Brain Project is about a
scientist who experiments with centrifugal forces, believing that if we find
a way to overcome the force of gravity we will be able to free our minds
completely from all boundaries.

7. Bruce Lee Played Badminton Too
Dir.: Corrie Chen
Australia, 14 min 30

Freedom is… following your dream, no matter what everybody else says.
Awkward suburban teenager Nic Wooding wants to be the greatest badminton
player in the world. He rebels against his dad’s wishes, to learn that
following your dream may lead you to a bird of a different feather.