Friday, June 14, 2013

18h: Doors Open

20h: Opening by Laura Weider –

20:15h: Birthday Cake Bonanza to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Moviemiento: short films on the road

21.15h: Schwingspiel Fire Performance

21.30h: Open Air cinema- Best of… Moviemiento short film screenings, from the last 10 years

11:30h: Ofrin –

1:30h: Ashia Grzesik – live chello and singer –

2:30h: Gyom Diop –

Saturday, June 15, 2013

From 14h: Workshops

Bana Banana and friends, clowning (for kids!), puppeteering, Flamenco, Burlesque (for female gender only – or men dressed in women’s clothing) | Alina Momirov, papier maché | Ye Taik, drama and performance (USA) | the greatest treasure hunt ever, organised by Moviemientos | Helena Hernández, Doodle it Yourself collective drawing, (SUI) | Lucien Simon, character development masterclass (AUS) | Berta Sola, presentation on LEBENSPIXEL project, video mapping workshop | Daniel Stein, presentation on Swiss Solar Culture in Nepal (SUI) | Moviemiento’s Schirin and Elly, Glitter Tattoo workshop | Join The Chorus for Peace

Imporomptu workshops are welcomed and encouraged!


5h: music from near and far, & a Schnagditzel (Treasure Hunt) that will knock your socks off!


20h: Bana Banana & Friends Burlesque Cabaret

21:30: Atelier El Masrah, Cairo, perform their theatre piece ‘A Plastic Dream’ – which was developed as part of a joint project with Moviemiento

23h: Open Air cinema with a fresh Moviemiento short film programme, called “Freedom” – Full programme here

midnight: Continous Variation –

Into the night: Installations, concerts & DJs on 3 floors will lead you into the night… and through to the & concerts across three floors!


0:30h: Chatel Morel –

2h: Drufi Dingsda

4h: Horst Schlüpper –

5h: Shepard –

Fitness Room:

visuals fitness room: dorotea doreen etzler aka lazy-linear-liu aka lll

The vj set that I have created for Moviemiento is called vj_tanzen/dancing. The footage is based on recordings of me dancing and focuses on patterns and movements. Rather than using methods like short interval loops I follow a path of a linear nature in real time.

By means of repeated live sessions and continuously re-mixing the footage, I work on dissolving the media itself and the perception of reality. Due to an extensive use of split-screen during post-production I have created a heavily psychedelic set of colours and rhythm that covers more than four hours of ever-changing imagery –

23h: Eric Panzer –

Midnight: Barfuss Team

2h: Anatopia –

3h: IAAC –

5h: Hippiestress –

7h: Senor Whoogy and Peter Nikolai – and


22h: Chez Mieke –

1h: Fog Puma –

4h: Samtbody –

7h: Bruno Contium –

Sunday, June 16, 2013


10h: Matthias Morgenstern –

12h: Des Wahnsinns fette Beute

14h: Sven Dohse –

16h: Nu –

 20h: We will not bid ‘adieu’, but ‘Aufwiedersehen’ and ‘until next time’.